Financial Literacy for Young Women

Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial Inclusion


Financial Literacy means the capability to make effective decisions regarding the use of money. A financially literate individual is able to make intelligent judgments and take effective choices regarding the usage and management of money. It is the ability to understand and properly apply financial management skills.


Research suggests that even though women tend to be more apprehensive about their future, they are more uneducated about how to secure it, and usually face more monetary challenges than men while making finance decisions .

Our Research

Small-scale needs assessment in the form of a survey was carried out to 50 young women per partner country (Sweden, UK, Cyprus, Greece and N. Macedonia), 250 in total, to investigate their knowledge and needs with regards to financial literacy.

Our Results

The results, taking into account the perspective of the young women from different geographical contexts, revealed that young NEETs and those with a migrant background, seem to have less knowledge of financial literacy and more need to be trained in this field in order to increase their opportunities for social inclusion, financial independence, and employability opportunities.

According to the 5th Sustainable Development Goal of the UN

Women have the right for equal access to: